New clutch.
Tasks performed:
  • Exhaust system disassembled.
  • Drive shaft disassembled.
  • Transmission disassembled.
  • Clutch disassembled.
  • New clutch installed and cleaned.
  • Transmission installed and cleaned.
  • Transmission oil checked and refilled as necessary.*
  • Drive shaft reinstalled.
  • Exhaust system reinstalled.

*Costs extra; price depends on amount required.


It’s the hydraulics in the MINI clutch that make gear changes so crisp, yet so smooth. Because it’s the hydraulics that eliminate the need for any maintenance work on the clutch for the 120,000 km or more that a clutch deals with in its operating life (under normal driving conditions). As the hydraulics contain no asbestos or lead, they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. As with all MINI parts, each clutch undergoes several rigorous tests before it is considered worthy enough to be part of a MINI.